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The union of skills and diverse expertise of Malcolm Plant has resulted in the foundation of MANDN


The Company is structured to promote the growth and personal achievement of all its employees, regardless of race or gender.


Through the combined efforts of our motivated, capable staff, we are able to provide a professional and efficient service to our valued clients.



At the heart of our successful organization is Warren Crooks with more than 11 year’s experience, his team provides various strengths and creative abilities, a dynamic team which is dedicated to the growth of the company in our client base.


Our philosophy is simple: “We earn the right to be of service to our client base”.

MANDN intends to offer its clients the highest level of service satisfaction, ensuring your business dealings with us are dealt with effectively and efficiently. We strive on implementing new systems, and further improving our methods of business practice. We understand the value and essence of time in today’s competitive market place and therefore put huge emphasis on ensuring a buying process that is simple. You can rely on our competent workforce that your order will be delivered on time, giving you peace of mind and allowing you the opportunity to focus on what counts.



We supply a wide range of computer products and components from a source of selected suppliers of well known brands which are sourced according to our client’s requirements.

These include internationally renowned leading brand names such as: Microsoft, the global leader in software, services and peripherals; Foxconn, a leading manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies in the world; Samsung, technology giant, Creative Labs, global leader in PC entertainment products, Intel, world’s leader in PC microprocessors; AMD, the fastest growing CPU vendor; SMC, total network solutions provider; Maxtor, leading hard disk and storage solutions provider; Symantec, world leader in internet security; and EpsonHP and Lexmark, high quality printing industry giants.

  • Cables
  • Chassis
  • Digital Cameras
  • Display
  • Flash
  • Graphics Cards
  • Hard Drives
  • Input Devices
  • Memory
  • Motherboards
  • Multimedia Cards
  • Networking
  • Notebooks 
  • Optical Drives
  • Media
  • Multimedia
  • PC's
  • Processors
  • Printers
  • Software





Biometrics provides a highly secure way to authenticate a person’s identity. The following definition from the biometrics industry can help illustrate this claim.


The lowest level of security is something you have, such as an identification (ID) badge containing a photograph.


The second level of security is something you know, such as a password to access a computer or a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access funds at a bank teller machine.


The highest level of security is something that you do and something that you are. This is where biometrics fit in.
The latest introduction to the identification field for time and attendance and access control is the use of face recognition.


With biometrics and facial recognition, there are no cards to be lost or stolen, and no passwords to forget. A simple characteristic, such as a fingerprint or face, which is unique to every potential user, can securely grant access to secure resources.


How Do Biometrics Work?
All biometric devices use a four-stage procedure to grant access to its resources. The first stage is capture, where a physical or behavioural sample is captured by the system during the authentication process. The second stage is extraction, where unique characteristics are taken from the sample and a template is created. The third stage is comparison, where the template is compared to the original enrolment. The final stage is decision. In this stage the system then decides if the new sample is a match.


How easy is it to use and understand?
When the employee arrives at work they place their finger on the reader. If the reader accepts the fingerprint, the reader will confirm by flashing a small green light and the employee's name will be displayed on the screen. All of this will take place within 1-3 seconds - Easy to understand for the workers.

When you do your pay run / wages, you simply 'upload' the data from the reader to your PC in 2 easy steps.


What Fingerprint reader do I need?
We offer a range of fingerprint readers to suit your specific needs. It is very important to choose the correct tool for the job. It is very easy to spend money on the wrong system, only to regret it a few weeks later. We have vast experience in helping you choose and commission a system perfect for your type of industry.

From the Entry-level ZK MN100A for Time Attendance and Sagem MA100 and Sagem J-Series for time and attendance and Access Control, to the Advanced Sagem MA500 Plus! for time and attendance and Access control, you have come to the right place. Depending on the size of your organisation and the type of work you do, we have a solution for you.

The readers can be set-up to download the clockings to your PC every hour, day or month, depending on how your payroll currently works. We will customize the system to your specific needs upon installation, including shift scenarios and schedules/ cycles. The clocking / absenteeism reports can be printed immediately!


Time Management Packages are available upon request to suite your needs. All our packages interphase into the following Payroll packages


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We do interface to other payroll companies, please contact us for a detailed list.


Access Intergration Software

  • Works with Sagem MA100, MA300, MA500+ and MA520+
  • Works with MSO1300 and MSO300 enrollment units
  • Template management and distribution
  • Terminal and Time zone management
  • Contractor and Visitor Management
  • Time and Attendance integration
  • Group reporting
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We do installations and commissioning of 4 to 64 CCTV camera systems designed for your unique security or management needs.


CCTV is a closed circuit television system, designed for management, post event evidence, crime prevention or monitoring, depending on the setup and operation of the system.

Typically it consists of a camera, transmission medium and a video processing/recording unit.

Our product range offers solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic applications with network and internet viewing capabilities.

Some of our brands include CNB, Topica, Hikvision, Inet, Sony, Pinetron, Avermedia, PNX, Synergy, etc






We supply a wide range of Stationery, like paper, books, pens, pencils, desks, office chairs, laminators, paper shredders, ink cartridges, from our wide product range which is available in a catalogue.


All Stationery is supplied direct from our suppliers or our warehouse according to our client’s requirements, enabling us to deliver at a cost-effective price against other suppliers.


Our intention is to supply the required orders within 24 hours provided that the suppliers have stock. In the case of stock not been available our orders are placed on urgent back order and supplied as soon as it becomes available.


Printer cartridges: We supply both original and generic units.


Orders may be conveniently placed via phone, Fax or email.


These are a few of the product ranges we supply:




(Some of our more prominent clients)

- Steir Bruch Civil's
- The Citizen Group
- The Caxton Group
- Hydraserve Hydraulics
- Blue Spec Group
- Samc
- Alexander Frazer and Son (Pty) Ltd
- Eskort Heidelburg
- Darachem (Pty) Ltd
- Flash Harry / STT Sales CC
- RNA Distribution Group
- Traffic management Services (JMPD)
- Blend Property Group
- Webmail
- Radiant Group
- Meadows Feeds Randfontein & Welkom
- INCE (Integrated Communications Agency)
- Cell C (18 Franchise Outlets Country wide)
- Rand Water Board


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If you have a need for Information Technology, Biometric Finger Print Readers,Access Control                      Solutions (Intercoms,Booms ETC) Closed Circuit Television systems, or Stationery

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