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Biometric Fingerprint Readers, RFID & Facial Recognition


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Biometrics and Facial Recognition provide a highly secure way to authenticate a person’s identity. The following definition from the biometrics industry can help illustrate this claim.


The lowest level of security is something you have, such as an identification (ID) badge containing a photograph.


The second level of security is something you know, such as a password to access a computer or a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access funds at a bank teller machine.


The highest level of security is something that you do and something that you are. This is where biometrics fit.


With Biometrics and Facial Recognition, there are no cards to be lost or stolen, and no passwords to forget. A simple characteristic, such as a facial, which is unique to every potential user, can securely grant access to secure resources.


How Do Biometrics Work?


All Biometric Facial Recognition devices use a four-stage procedure to grant access to its resources. The first stage is capture, where a physical or behavioural sample is captured by the system during the authentication process. The second stage is extraction, where unique characteristics are taken from the sample and a template is created. The third stage is comparison, where the template is compared to the original enrollment. The final stage is decision. In this stage the system then decides if the new sample is a match.


How easy is it to use and understand ?


When the employee arrives at work they place their finger on the reader. If the reader accepts the fingerprint then access is granted and the time is noted.


With facial recognition the employee arrives at work and stands in front of the unit. It scans and recognises the facial image for acceptance.


When you do your pay run / wages, you simply 'upload' the data from the reader to your PC in 2 easy steps.


What Fingerprint reader do I need?


We offer a range of fingerprint readers to suit your specific needs. It is very important to choose the correct tool for the job. It is very easy to spend money on the wrong system, only to regret it a few weeks later. We have vast experience in helping you choose and commission a system perfect for your type of industry.


Units range from basic indoor time and attendance to full access control.


All the hardware is intergrateble into MN Time Manager